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Adorne with Microban
by: Legrand
Jun 06, 2023

Turn on Peace of Mind with Legrand + Microban. Switches, dimmers, and select plastic wall plates from the adorne Collection now include built-in product protection from Microban. 24/7 protection means devices are 99.9% cleaner.

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Athena Wireless Node at LightFair 2023
by: Lutron
Jun 02, 2023

Get the scoop on Athena Wireless Node in Inside Lighting's Just One Product interview.

Experience Brands
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Stormbell 80 from LAMP
by: Experience Brands
May 24, 2023

Decorative shades of different shapes, colors, and sizes to generate varied light sensations. Optional recycled PET felt or recycled cork shade options. Stormbell 80 offers beautiful design and sustainability.

Brochures and Flyers

Wallwash Lighting Guide
by: Meteor

Lighting plays a significant role in setting the mood and tone of any space. One effective lighting technique to enhance the visual appeal of your interiors is wall washing.

NovaFlex Product Portfolio
by: NovaFlex

Quality lighting you need to tackle even the most complex architectural projects. See the product offering in this portfolio.

An Engineer’s Guide to LLLCs
by: Lutron

LEDs have made lighting smarter and more efficient. Read how smart, connected Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLCs) magnify the power of LED fixtures, ensuring your lighting designs can evolve easily and overcome changes during and post construction – even when the system is fully programmed.

NLS Lighting
NV-F The Ultimate Flood Collection
by: NLS Lighting

The innovative NV-Flood is a high-powered, corrosion resistant, low copper, die-cast aluminum luminaire. Thermal management is handled with a separate driver housing and LED light engine heat sink. Heat-sink cooling fins are designed with a thermal gap for longer LED/Driver life.



Approaches in Lighting Designing for Diversity

by: Axolight

Old assumptions about “best practices” in the design of spaces were not made with everyone in mind. We are now open to renewing the question: What works best, and for whom? In this presentation, we’ll review different elements of light (e.g. intensity, color rendering, CCT) and how groups perceive those elements differently across age, gender, and ethnicity. Using commercial spaces as a guide, we measure the impact of these disparate perceptions on satisfaction and productivity. Finally, we explore how changes in how we produce lighting environments offer new possibilities to design for diverse workforces. Learning Objectives: 1. Analyze the qualitative elements of light and how different demographics respond to them in different ways 2. Understand research showing the impact of lighting on comfort and productivity across age, gender, and ethnicity 3. Discuss how lighting fixtures effect neurodiverse individuals, particularly focusing on glare, flicker, and acoustics 4. Review methods of designing around offering user-selection as one element of designing for diverse workforces

CEU Credit Available

The Economic Impact of Art & Design In the Workplace

by: Axolight

The office is being disrupted; in response we need disruptive design. We’ll use new research from sociology and psychology to examine the failings of existing office spaces, multi-year surveys that highlight users’ needs and frustrations, and examine flexible space concepts as a solution. We’ll consider what the Well Building Institute says about art and its effects on experience of spaces. We’ll also use case studies to show the economic impact that justifies making art a priority in workplace design. Attendees will gain new ideas for workplace design and, importantly, a new way of talking about the value of their services. Learning Objectives: 1. Evaluate economic impacts of design using case studies and new research in workplace design 2. Identify deficiencies of existing open office design as they relate to the formation of healthy and productive environments 3. Analyze the effects of art and design in the workplace on comfort, satisfaction and productivity 4. Describe forces behind the accelerating trend towards flexible spaces, the design goals in their formation, and the impact on users and business operations

CEU Credit Available