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West Virginia Flooding Fundraiser

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One of our associates, Justin Bailey (and his community), has been directly affected by the massive flooding in West Virginia. 

Justin is activity involved with his church, New Beginnings Church of the Nazarene, in conjunction with multiple churches of many denominations, & a local community group, to provide assistance and relief efforts.  Many families have lost everything due to the fact that most of the homes were not in the 100 Year Flood Plain Areas, and so they do not have flood insurance to fall back on. The relief effort from the churches includes staging everything from food & clothes to sanitary supplies. 

“We daily have about 8 trucks that load the bed full of supplies and go out and up into these flood ravaged areas and bring supplies directly to the people who have lost everything. The immediate focus over this past weekend was bleach and mops and buckets and cleaning stuff. Most people have had to just pull all of their belongings and just throw them in the front yard so they can try and salvage the interior of their houses before mold sets in,” said Justin. “My intention, after speaking to the other people we are working with, will be to assess the needs next week, once the total amount has been donated, and try to make a very large purchase of supplies and package them in Rubbermaid totes. Our biggest fear is that life will go on in the coming weeks and the help will slow down as people go back to work and are less able to spend as much time in the efforts."

Justin is a youth minister and staff member at his church and will be directly in charge of the funds that are sent from One Source Associates, Paolicelli One Source Associates, our manufacturers, and our customers.  Please be generous in this time of need for our neighbors, associates, distributors, & customers in West Virginia.

Here is how to give:

1.Checks can be made out to “New Beginnings Church of the Nazarene” and given to your OneSource contact 

2. Credit card payments can be securely processed through the following link:

Please add a note in the comments section for OneSource Associates or Paolicelli OneSource Associates


Thank you for your consideration,

Dave, Christopher, Mark, Mike, Bill, John, & Jack