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Jack Floyd's Retirement

Monday, December 21, 2020

There are precious few individuals whom when brought into this world are born with a gift of having “wisdom beyond their years” and rock solid sensibilities knowing the clear differences between right and wrong. One Source Associates was very fortunate to have had a person of this caliber at our helm in the person of Jack S. Floyd during the formative years of this company from our inception in 2002. Jack was instrumental in developing the guiding principles on how we currently treat our customers; how we treat each other, as well as our guiding corporate business philosophy. This has served us well helping garner positive national industry recognition and the opportunity to represent industry-leading manufacturers in our local marketplace.

Jack’s guiding principles supported his personal life outside of business as well. Both his lifelong best friend and life partner, Maka Grogard, created a wonderful home life, which brought 2 families spiritually together while raising their 2 children. No matter how busy their lives were at any point in time they would both make time to help people in need. Together they also supported many organizations such as The Red Cross, Salvation Army, and the Smile Train, both financially and with donation of many hours of their free time.

With retirement at year end, Jack will be entering into a new phase of his life starting in 2021. We all wish both Maka and Jack the best!

Jack Floyd