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Category: Downlighting

  • Architectural linear fluorescent and LED lighting products for commercial interiors.

  • Bold Lighting specializes in high-end architectural lighting with precision optics and bold performance.

  • Seamless integration of Light.

    a DesignPlan brand


  • [A Designplan brand] Technology and design come together to create new concepts of light: the result is objects which are genuinely different, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but...

  • Innovative, LED, HID, Halogen and Fluorescent lighting for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Healthe is the leading provider of circadian and biological lighting solutions whose proprietary line of commercial and consumer products help regulate the body’s circadian clock and boost...

  • Downlighting made easy. Suitable for a range of commercial and architectural applications, Helios provides industry leading products coupled with best in class service and delivery.

  • One company with 16 distinctive brands to meet all your lighting needs.


  • Luxury LED pendants and sconces.

    A Lutron Company.

  • [A Lutron Company] Ketra creates the highest quality, most accurate LED lighting in the world, and delivers the only advanced system of universally compatible controls at an...

  • Architectural specification-grade downlighting fixtures characterized by superior visual aesthetics

    A Hubbell Lighting brand

  • High-quality, long-lasting light fixture.

  • Lightheaded Lighting offers a wide array of architectural lighting products 

  • Lumenwerx represents the latest in LED technology paired with cutting edge optics, electronics and thermal management – available in recessed, surface, and pendant mounted options.

  • [ An Ecosense brand] Lumium has luminaires for every space, from their sleek, high-profile fixtures, to their stunning, cost-effective, linear designs.

  • Light is the essential element of life. Without light is pure darkness.

    But light comes in many forms and invokes a range of emotions in how this element is applied and experienced.

  • [A Hubbell Lighting brand] Full range downlighting portfolio.

  • [ AAn EXPERIENCE brand] The broad spectrum of the SCHMITZ | WILA product lineup links functional design and clean aesthetics with precise and efficient lighting technology.

  • Decorative pendants, sconces, accent, and ambient lighting.


  • Using only the highest quality components, combined with precision engineering and extensive testing, SLG has created luminaries that will stand the test of time, providing customers with lighting...

  • High quality linear, recessed, decorative, and custom lighting products for architectural, commercial, institutional, residential and entertainment applications.

  • Vantage Lighting is a leading manufacturer of specification-grade LED recessed downlights, cylinders and low/high bays for commercial, institutional and residential applications.

  • WAC

    WAC Lighting's award-winning portfolio of architectural products, decorative lighting, and landscape lighting focuses on addressing known problems or meeting unfulfilled needs with lighting...